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Imagination Is The Only Limit With Scanahand

De Bilt, Utrecht January 28, 2010 -- High-Logic B.V., the world's leading provider of font editing and font managing software today releases Scanahand 3. This font generator creates fonts fast, simply by using your own handwriting. Imagination is the limit for the font maker as this fun and simple software has been enhanced to give even more creative control. New features include the ability to make signature fonts, set font style by going bold or italic, as well as full Unicode support. There's a brand new multilingual user interface that supports English, French, German and Dutch and the tracing method used by Scanahand has been further improved to generate even more stunning fonts.

Scanahand brings a personal touch to any home or personal computer. Used across letters, greeting cards, notes and more, it's a great way for all the family to get creative and get involved. From monitoring how your child's handwriting changes over the years to surprising Grandma with a 'handwritten' thank you note, creating a signature or an invitation, Scanahand brings out the artistic in school projects and helps gear up prospective designers. Once you start creating fonts, you can't stop. All you need is a black marker pen, a template print out and a scanner. Once your template it scanned in, Scanahand builds your font and installs it onto your computer, ready to go.

It's not just about your handwriting either, it's your personal a-z. With templates to help you create fonts it's so easy to create icons, practice those 'tags' and even your own pop star signature? Write out the alphabet in your best or scruffiest handwriting and what's best? No more boring Arial or Verdana!

Scanahand is also truly multilingual. Fancy Faeroese? No problem. Icelandic or Swedish? You choose. Scanahand allows you to make fonts with multilingual character sets covering over 15 languages. The premium edition features a template editor that allows users to create custom templates, too. Create fonts that support numerous languages not available in the standard edition.

Erwin Denissen, High-Logic CEO comments, "We are delighted to bring this new enhanced version of Scanahand to market. Our engineers have made numerous improvements and we believe the new features will give even more font-creating fun to our customers."

Although Scanahand only runs on Windows, the generated fonts can also be used on Mac OS X and Linux, ideal for sharing from PC to laptop. No other graphics software is needed, but Scanahand works alongside the major graphic drawing software to create and modify individually created characters. And available for as little as $49 per user license, isn't it about time you flexed your creative muscle with a Scanahand personalised font?

Availability and Pricing
Scanahand 3 runs under Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000, costs $49(US) for a single-user license of the standard edition, and may be ordered securely online from The premium edition, with multi-page support for symbols and custom templates, costs $79(US). You can download a free trial version of Scanahand from

For more information, contact High-Logic B.V., Tuinstraat 60, 3732 VM De Bilt, The Netherlands.

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High-Logic is a privately held firm with headquarters in De Bilt, The Netherlands. Since 1997, High-Logic has been providing font editing and font management software to business and home users. In addition to Scanahand, the company created MainType, a powerful and intuitive Windows font manager that makes it simple to find, preview, organize, install, and print fonts; and FontCreator, a full-featured font editor for Windows that lets you easily create and modify TrueType and OpenType fonts. For more information, visit