High-Logic has been producing font editing and font managing software since 1997. We have developed the most popular font editor for Windows, with more than 4.5 million downloads worldwide.


This award winning software gives you all the tools you need to make new fonts and edit existing fonts. Use the advanced import features to make your own handwriting font or add signatures, logos and symbols to existing fonts. Go to the FontCreator page for detailed information.


MainType is a powerful but easy to use font manager and font viewer for Windows, that takes the frustration out of managing your fonts. If you want to stop wasting your time fiddling with fonts, get MainType now and enjoy the fastest and easiest way to maintain your fonts.


Scanahand allows you to generate fonts without the need to know all of the technical details involved. All you need is a printer, a scanner, and a black marker or felt-tipped pen. If you ever thought about writing letters on your computer with a font based on your own handwriting, do give Scanahand a try.