User quotes

Scanahand was the solution to a problem I have been fighting for a couple of years. I needed to easily create TrueType fonts for industry standard symbols which would work in my embedded Linux box. This tool allowed me to cut-and-paste bitmaps into a jpeg file and create a workable TrueType font within minutes. These fonts work without a problem in both Linux (application) and Windows (documentation).”

Douglas Rilee
Liebherr Mining Equipment Co.

“All of the reviews I remember seeing on FontCreator rate it 5/5. Hence, it's one of the least expensive, very capable font development applications you can get.”

Kenneth P. Reeder, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Baton Rouge, LA.

“I am very happy with MainType. It has been rock solid and has all the features I need to manage the 4000+ fonts I have.”

Rick Bergeron

“Oh Scanahand is brilliant. I am a designer and have wanted something like this for years. Clean up the bitmap in Photoshop, line up the characters as needed, and presto! Instant font. I honestly haven't been more happy with spending $30 in a long time. Thanks, and good job!”

David A Camarda

“I love FontCreator - I used the demo for my latest font and was so happy with it, I bought it.”

Chad Savage
Sinister Visions, Inc.

“I was concerned that creating a font might be complicated with Scanahand. I have to print a template, fill it in, scan it, generate a font, and load it into Windows. But it was one of the easiest programs that I've ever used. Creating a font was fun!”

Al Harberg
DP Directory, Inc.

“I just wanted to tell you thanks for creating a fabulous piece of software. FontCreator works flawlessly and is sooo much more powerful than the more expensive alternative. Keep up the good work!”

Stephen Cassar
TICKETsage Inc.

“A front end Web Designer needs a Font Manager almost as much as air to breathe. I was ecstatic to find MainType, which does the job incredibly well, including font installs and uninstalls, which most of the others don't do. The customizations this program allows really puts it way above any of the others. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs a font manager. Thank you, High-Logic!”

BJ Novack
Kickass Web Design

Scanahand is simple & fun to use. I've seen a number of products for creating handwriting-based fonts, and nothing comes close to this. As we would say Down Under: "bloody brilliant!!" Congratulations on a *really* smart and innovative product.”

Neil Hymans

“I just downloaded Scanahand, and I love it, I had my first “sample” font in about 5 minutes. Wow, slick and easy, I will go back to making fonts again, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Sherrie Barker

“We have been using your font manager MainType with good results, so good in fact the 30 day trial period has passed and we're stuck without it! Fortunately not for long, as we received the multi-user license right after we ordered it.”

Kevin Gibson

“I've been a FontCreator (great software) customer for a few years, so I keep an eye on your website. For font management, I've been using another application. Yesterday I checked out MainType. Today I purchased MainType and removed the other font manager. I saw you allow a 30 day trial. Anyone who needs more than a day to see MainType is the BEST font management application really needs an eye exam. It's very easy to use; I'm already doing way more with it than was possible with the other font manager, and I haven't even read the documentation yet. It looks great, provides tons of cool features, is reasonably priced and is lots of fun to use.”

Jack Harrington

MainType is the best font manager I've ever seen. Not only because it has a very attractive user interface, but mainly because it supports all font formats, is fully Unicode aware and very fast (I just installed 1482 fonts simultaneously within six seconds!). While even the Windows fonts folder sometimes gets confused when new fonts are installed or existing fonts are uninstalled, MainType keeps in sync with Windows internal font management. I'm now in the middle of organizing my font collection, it's so easy and so much fun. I'm glad I gave it a try!”

Trevor Stone

FontCreator is really a great tool for me when it comes to design new Logos for my website projects, and I'm still surprised how "intelligent" it acts, compared to other CAD (and especially font designing) applications. Again - keep the good work up - programs like yours are rare.”

Markus Fumagalli

“I have tried several other font managers, but MainType is by far the best. Over the years I have collected thousands of fonts and MainType is the only font manager that is able to show all of them. MainType is fast and very easy to use. I can now focus on collecting more fonts!”

Charles Nelson

“I've made a real impression on my boss (a publisher) because of the results that we have obtained using FontCreator.”

Todd Porter

MainType is packed with tons of intuitive features. The program has multiple tabbed-like windows that are easy to drag around to snap them into place. You can also show/hide the windows that you need (or don't need). Clean, well designed interface. Comes with a default and aluminium skins. It's a real joy to use. Finally a program that not only packs a lot of features together, but also has a clean interface. Too bad I didn't find this program earlier as I suffered in pain using other font manager(s) that don't measure up.”

L. Pere

“I feel I must congratulate you for FontCreator, the program appears to function extremely well. No other program that I know offers such a complete and comprehensive set of table modification tools (and that includes the tools we use from Microsoft!).”

Malcolm Wooden
dtpTypes Limited

“Every shareware program that I every purchased off the WEB has usually been as about as useful as an old pair of underwear. However, you must be the hardest working Shareware Programmer on EARTH! Not only did you deliver a great product from the first time I purchased FontCreator, but you just keep making it better and better! Keep up the good work.”

Richard Gallaspy

“I've been using your shareware font editor FontCreator and I am very pleased with its performance. Comparing it to other shareware font creators, yours stands out.”

Adam Szewczyk

“Thank you for your support. I can't tell you how often I marvel at the amount of work and skill that must have gone into this product. It's a very impressive piece of programming.”

Yitshak Kugler

“I have been in the business for twenty years and this is the best shareware I have ever seen. Congratulations.”

Mike Fitzgerald, McLean, VA USA

MainType is the font manager that should have been built into Windows long ago.”

Robert Barnett

“I have been able to build a successful business using FontCreator.”

Chris Slaughter

“I created a font called Dinzy Minzy with FontCreator. It's now on in the top 50 Hot New Fonts!!! Thank you for the great software!”

Aaron Bogle
Dinzy Minzy at

“I had an issue with some fonts needing corrections for some scaling issues, and after trying a bunch of other font tools, I stumbled on yours and gave it a try. Then promptly purchased it. In half an hour I had a new font with the problems solved. I just want to say thank you for an absolutely brilliant font editor; stable, intuitive, powerful and simple to use. ”

Rickard Törnqvist, GTECH Sweden AB

“I've previously bought Scanahand and FontCreator which I find excellent programs. I have now added MainType to make things even better. Thanks for all your work in the making of these products”

Robert Colin