Font Setup

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Fill in the Name and Copyright fields. The Name field is very important, as that name will appear as the font name in all applications.


The font style allows you to set the proper fields inside the font. Please note however that this setting will not convert your template into a bold or italic font! To make a bold font just use a thinker pen.

Scanahand needs to find out what pixels belong to the characters. The threshold value is used to make that decision. Usually the Auto value gives best results, but you can also choose between Low, Medium, and High. The Low threshold removes all light colored pixels, while the High threshold includes all light colored pixels. When you use the High threshold you get slightly fatter characters, but you risk inclusion of unwanted pixels.

Based on the filter value, Scanahand will add or remove additional pixels to improve the generated contours. Both the Smooth and Super filter polish the outlines. This usually results in more rounded contours.

Recommended values for the conversion settings are Auto threshold, and Smooth filter.