General Questions


What are the differences between Scanahand and FontCreator?

You can use Scanahand to generate a font based on your own handwriting within just a couple of minutes. FontCreator allows you to create and edit fonts with vector tools, so it's more sophisticated and has more features like auto complete composites, kerning, validation, but takes more time.

My scanner is not recognized by Scanahand. How do I get my filled in template into Scanahand?

Uncheck "Hide incompatible devices" from the Options dialog and press the Scan button. If even this fails, then scan the template with the software that came with the scanner, or use any other application that does recognize the scanner. Store (save to file) the scanned image and load it into Scanahand for further processing.

Can I use Scanahand on a Tablet PC?

Scanahand has no direct support for drawing directly on the template, but you can save the template to file and edit it through your image editing software that. If supported, you could add an additional layer for guidelines to help you draw your characters on the baseline.

Can I create true cursive fonts (where characters in a word are connected) with Scanahand?

Cursive fonts with swashes are not possible with Scanahand as the side-bearings are generated automatically.

The ink bleeds, what can I do to prevent this from happening?

Either try another pen, or use coated paper.

I find it hard to write the characters on the imaginary baseline. What can I do to get a more even handwriting?

Print out a guideline underlay. Place this below your empty template so guidelines shine through the paper. You can print the guideline underlay through the File menu.

Another approach is to enable the colored guide line that represents the baseline through the Template page on the Options dialog.

I try to draw my letters in the center of the cells, but sometimes a letter is positioned more to the left, or right. Does the horizontal position affect the correctness of the font?

No, it doesn't matter if you draw your characters a little to the left or right inside the cells, as Scanahand will calculate the left and right side bearings independent of it's original horizontal position.

I scanned the completed template, but it is upside-down. Do I need to rescan it?

No, just click on the "Rotate 180 Degrees" toolbar button.

I think the margins of the empty template are too large. Can I adjust them?

Yes, you can change the margins in the Options dialog.

I'm very impressed with the font(s) generated by Scanahand, but I want to make some changes to the letter spacing. How can I do that?

We suggest you use FontCreator ( to make adjustments to specific glyphs.

Why do my curly quotes look the same as my comma?

When the curly quotes are not defined in the template, Scanahand generates these automatically using the comma character.