Options - General

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You can customize Scanahand through the Options window (Select Options from the Tools menu).


On Start...

Shows the Welcome dialog when Scanahand  is started.


Allows you to set the language in the user interface. (Applied directly after you press OK, no restart of Scanahand is needed)

Measurement units

Allows you to set the measurement units used for the template margins.

Codepoint format

Allows you to set the codepoint format as shown on symbol or dingbat templates. This setting also applies to the Code Points values in the Template Editor.

Hide incompatible devices

Uncheck this box, if for some reason your scanner is not detected.


This allows you to increase or decrease the size of the generated font outlines.

Include predefined diacrtical marks

This will include predefined diacritical marks into your font if you have not defined them yourself.