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The default layout of Scanahand will look like the image below.

Empty Template

On the Empty Template selection box, you can select a template. You can use the Template Editor to define your own custom templates.

The most common task is to print the template, but you can also press the Save As button to store the template as an image. Then you can edit your template with your favorite image editing software. This is great for people who don't have a scanner or printer, but it is also a pleasant way to draw your characters if you have a Tablet PC.

Completed Template

When you've drawn all characters you want to include in your font, put the template as straight as possible on the scanner bed and press the Scan button. Select your scanner and scan the template.

Click on the "Rotate 180 Degrees" toolbar button if you accidentally placed the filled-in template into the scanner, upside-down.


To initiate the font generation process, press the Generate button to open the Font Setup dialog.

During the font generation process, Scanahand detects the template, and places the characters into your font. Upon completion, you instantly get to preview your finished font.

Click the Install button to make the font available to all applications (Microsoft Word, etc.) on your computer.