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During the trial period, Scanahand runs in reduced functionality mode. After using Scanahand for a 30-day trial period, you must register and pay for it, or remove it from your system. Registering unlocks all functionality for the specific edition and makes your copy legal. It also helps support our efforts to develop innovative products to best serve your needs. Thank you for your support of Scanahand!

Why Register?

When you buy a license of Scanahand 6 it entitles you to the following benefits:

All future versions of Scanahand 6.x.

Direct e-mail support from the developers.

Standard Edition versus Premium Edition

The Premium Edition incorporates all features available in the standard edition and also includes several advanced features. The Premium Edition allows you to generate fonts based on the Signature and Symbol templates and to set the font style.

Scanahand allows you to make your own templates. For each template you can define your own character set (for example with Czech or Greek characters), so it allows you to create multilingual fonts. The template editor is available in both editions, but you need the premium edition in order to generate a font based on a custom template.

To Register

The quickest and most convenient way to register is online via credit card. Other payment methods like checks and cash are also supported. For more details take a look at our registration page: