Welcome to FontCreator 12

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Welcome to FontCreator 12


FontCreator allows you to create and edit TrueType, OpenType and Web Fonts. The font editor lets you easily select and modify the entire character set. Features include the ability to convert images to vector-based outlines, thus enabling you to create fonts with your own signature, logo and handwriting.

The intuitive interface makes FontCreator the perfect tool for both new and experienced users. The advanced validation features make the design process easy and help you to avoid common mistakes. The OpenType Designer allows you to easily add OpenType Layout Features to your fonts.

Key features

Create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts

Create and edit Web Open Font Format (WOFF and WOFF2) fonts with superior compression

Create and edit scalable color fonts

Design fonts for engraving

OpenType features are preserved upon opening a font

Visual OpenType layout features

OpenType feature code can also be edited

Redesign existing characters

Add missing characters

Convert vector and raster based images (e.g. a signature, logo or handwriting) to character outlines

Edit or regenerate font names

Fix character mappings

Unicode variation sequences

Generate, modify, and clean up kerning pairs

Correct fonts that display incorrectly

Add or correct composite glyphs

Transform individual glyphs or an entire font (e.g. to make a bold version)

Extract fonts from OpenType Font Collections

Preview fonts before installing

Install fonts in Windows


Make sure you have the latest version of FontCreator: