What's New in FontCreator 12

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What's New in FontCreator 12

New features in this version of FontCreator include:

Anchor based composites

Extended generation of OpenType layout features (frac, liga, mark, mkmk, init, medi, fina, curs, salt, ssxx, cvxx, etc.)

Custom and generic localized forms

Improved generation of friendly glyph names

New glyph sort (design mode)

Unicode 12.1 support

Comes with ttfautohint version 1.8.3

Improved complete composites

Full undo and redo support

Enhancements to transform scripts

Option to exclude glyphs on export

Support for delete in multiple substitutions

Support for glyph ranges in glyph transformer

Extended Insert Glyphs dialog

Smart glyph switching in Glyph Edit window

Improved OpenType Designer

Improved window tab bar

Extended Reopen menu

New insert glyphs by name

New Option: Decompose composite glyphs with scaled components (Recommended)

Snap to guidelines and grid on resizing a glyph orthogonally

Snap to guidelines and grid for anchor movement

Improved glyph names for release (on exporting a font)

New: sort glyphs in class in class manager

Updated font templates for new fonts

_shaper now supports (basic) normalization

Preview support for comparing same text with different features enabled

View unknown tables

Updated vendor information

Insert Glyphs supports generation of composite from glyph name formula: ffi=f+f+i

Auto Attach repositions glyph members based on anchors

Enhanced font overview categories panel

Expressions for glyph metrics (left side-bearing, right side-bearing, and advance width)

Several bug fixes

Numerous enhancements and improvements


FontCreator is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version is faster with time-consuming tasks like autokern, optical metrics, exporting fonts, and image to outline conversions. It is also able to make use of more memory which is especially useful if you edit large fonts.

A complete list of current and previous changes can be found online: