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Welcome to a new dimension in font management.

MainType is a powerful font manager for Windows that offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface to help you maintain your fonts.

It includes features for novice users who just want to view and install fonts as well as advanced features for graphic designers and typographers. In order to find the right fonts for your needs, the software includes tags, ratings, filter and sort functionality as well as a font information panel that reveals important typographic data. The groups panel helps you quickly organize your font collection. The sample panel allows you to preview OpenType layout features and supports color fonts.

For your convenience the character grid shows all characters grouped in Unicode blocks. Print (along with print preview) results in outstanding reports. The HTML export wizard is able to output font information to HTML web pages.

MainType provides immediate system-wide font synchronization, with no need to refresh font lists or reboot the computer after installing fonts. Unlike most other font managers, MainType works even for users with restricted rights. This eliminates the frustrating User Access Control (UAC)  prompt when managing your fonts.

Add Fonts

MainType can manage all fonts located on your file system and network drives; just add one or more font folders. To do this, select Add Font Folder from the Library menu, or click the icon on the main tool bar. Select Font Folders from the Library menu to add, remove, or modify them.


Make sure you have the latest version of MainType:


Even though a font manager makes it easy to maintain your font library, please be aware that most fonts come with license restrictions including but not limited to the number of users and/or computers to use and install fonts. It is your responsibility to respect any copyright and license agreements.



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