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written by Erwin Denissen, published July 5, 2019

Previous versions of our font manager came with plug-ins for Adobe InDesign. Only customers who (do most of their) work in Adobe InDesign benefit from the plugins, so most users never used them.

Unfortunately we had to develop new plug-ins for every new release of InDesign, and on top of that some people reported instability issues due to the plug-ins. Based on customer feedback, we know competing font managers also face issues with their plug-ins; we all have to build upon the Adobe InDesign SDK.

Since our font manager is one of the best and most stable font managers, we've decided to stop providing the plugins. We spend way too many time on updates and trying to improve the plug-ins, while most people never use them.

There are other ways to manage fonts per project, and this approach works for all projects, no matter if you design documents in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Serif Affinity Designer, or even Microsoft Word.

You can assign tags to your fonts, naming them according to the project you're working on. However, this is not recommended, as tags are meant to identify fonts, not projects.

The best solution is font groups. In MainType you can easily create a group for each client or project. When you decide to use a specific font in the document, just add it to the group. The next time you start working on the project, you can select the group, and click the Install group button to ensure that all fonts are available.


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