FontCreator – Tutorials

Designing fonts is by no means an easy task, but FontCreator has many features that allow you to make awesome fonts. These tutorials will explain both basic and advanced topics and help you make fonts quickly and easily.

Quick Start Tutorial

This tutorial is part of the user manual and is probably the quickest way to introduce yourself to FontCreator. It shows how to make a font based on your handwriting. It also shows how easy it is to test and install fonts with FontCreator.

Video Tutorials

A list of several video tutorials made by FontCreator users. Ranging from very simple tutorials to create your first font to advanced tasks like editing OpenType layout features and adding kerning to your font.

Import Images the Right Way

After importing an image you might come to the conclusion your glyph either lacks quality (e.g. not enough points) or has too much detail (e.g. contains too many points). In this tutorial you'll find some recommendations that will lead to better import results.

Font Family Settings

This tutorial explains how to make fonts work like a family that go beyond regular, italic, bold, and bold italic.

Latin Diacritical Marks - Accents

This tutorial explains how font designers can use FontCreator to add support for Latin diacritical marks (accents) in their fonts.

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