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FontCreator 15 released - August 31, 2023

We have just released FontCreator 15, coming with several improvements and new features that will help you build awesome fonts.

Hybrid Glyph Outlines

This new release of FontCreator allows you to make outlines with a mix of contours and components, so called hybrid outlines. This give you more freedom to design your outlines based on other glyphs, while added specific contours.

Support for the .glyphs file format

FontCreator already supported both Designspaces and Unified Font Objects, but we have made another huge step in interchangeable font project resources. If you happen to design fonts in a community, you will the trilled to know, FontCreator now allows you to exchange font files through the .glyphs file format.

Variable Fonts

If you are into variable fonts, you will love the improved detection and fixing of interpolation issues.

With variable fonts the outlines need to be compatible, otherwise variations cannot interpolate. Fortunately FontCreator comes with advanced tools to locate and fix compatibility issues.

You can now reorder variation axes if needed.

In case you haven't stepped into the variable world, here is an online tutorial that should get you started: How to Make a Variable Font

Other Improvements

FontCreator is a “what you see is what you get” font editor, so you can proof and test your fonts while making changes at the same time. The improved shaping engine along with the interactive proofing tool will help you design complex fonts with ease. For most fonts the tools that come with the font editor are sufficient, but no worries, as with one click you can test your font in external software and even in a web browser. Right out of the box; amazing!

We have redesigned Transform panel, so it is now more convenient to make changes.

Somehow we have managed to squeeze some more nodes out of the optimize contour feature. While improving the join (union, intersection, exclusion, and also cut/knife) contours feature, we have also added support for cubic curves.

Windows Only

We have heard rumors that some font designers use a Mac. Even though our software is made to run on Windows, there are ways to use it on a Mac.

Running FontCreator on a Mac

Get it

The new version of this amazing font editor has all the tools that you need to create professional fonts, so what are you waiting for?

You can download FontCreator 15 from our download page. Please use our forum to discuss the new features; enjoy!