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MainType 12 released - August 17, 2023

We have just released MainType 12, coming with several amazing new features and improvements.

The most impressive changes are:

  • Improved sliders for variable fonts in Sample panel
  • Improved support for OpenType layout features
  • Improved theme support
  • Improved usabilty
  • Improved high DPI support

Variable Fonts

As most designers know, a variable font is a single file, containing one or more axis (like weight or width) which allow you to use a continuous range of style variations by means of interpolation. In short, it allows you to make the most of a font family’s range of styles. These fonts are fully supported by all major web browsers, and although slowly, more and more desktop software adopt this technology. In order to help you find the right font for your needs, MainType now shows all available axis sliders in the sample panel. It also allows you to select a named instance. How cool is that!

OpenType Layout Features

Use the available features as shown on the left of the sample panel, to activate specific features, like kerning.

You can download MainType 12 from our download page. Please use our forum to discuss the new features; enjoy!