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We're celebrating 25 Years of High-Logic!

1 December 2022 is a very special birthday for High-Logic – we have turned 25!

High-Logic is proud to celebrate 25 years in business as an independent font software vendor. In 1997, software engineer and entrepreneur Erwin Denissen decided to create a font editor during his graduation project. Since Erwin had to pay his graduation supervisor himself, it is probably the first startup initiated by Fontys University.

The screenshot on the right shows FontCreator (aka the Font Creator Program) version 2 which was initially released in 1999.

FontCreator has always been the most popular font software, but over the years High-Logic has released several other products; MainType, a powerful font manager and Scanahand, a fast and easy font generator. Most professional font designers use more than one tool to edit and produce their typefaces, and over the years many of them have come to appreciate the way FontCreator helps them create better fonts.

High-Logic is the only font software vendor to have developed its own native font engine that includes an advanced shaping engine, OpenType layout feature compilers and decompilers, font validation tools, converters for both Unified Font Object (UFO) and DesignSpace formats, together with support for subsetting variable fonts (change default location, change axis range, and extrapolation).

Font Creator Program version 2.2

“Our proprietary font engine sets us apart from the competition,” says Erwin Denissen, “FontCreator exports fonts with the highest known compression and it is the only font editor that allows you to visually edit all OpenType layout features. We spend a lot of time on innovation and R&D, which upholds our company slogan”.

We have over 82,500 paid customers who have created over 550,000 fonts and counting. Of course, a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration without a big thank you to our loyal customers – so enjoy 10% off all products. Visit our store and use this discount coupon for FontCreator, MainType, and Scanahand at checkout: CPN4SPL1973

You can download our software from our download page; enjoy!